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Pop-Up the Modest, Cardiff!

Pop-Up the Modest, Cardiff!

A Modest Affair

There is nothing I love more than a pop-up shop, especially when it is hosted by modest fashion designers! It is so encouraging to see that the modest fashion industry is expanding and demanding its presence to be recognised in the fashion world! Only just recently, Turkey  held it's first Istanbul Modest Fashion Week ! Major brands, designers, and influencers were invited to be part of the event. I aspire to be invited next year! goal set, working on it!

Anyway, I'm getting side tracked here! Back to the pop-up shop! 

I was invited by my favourite Cardiff based designers to the event as a blogger and event photographer, why they trust my photography skills is beyond me! Still, I was honoured to be there, especially with it been held at the very city I was born in, Cardiff.  

From the Boutique De Nana collection

Shop Front Displaying MayMode collection

The designers were none other than the talented and Gorgeous Yousra of Boutique De Nana and Haifa of Mays Mode 

I absolutely love these two designers, they have such a unique sense of style that contrast each other to the point that it works! I especially love BDNs Abayas! I got my hands on some of her pieces and will be showcasing them soon! 

As I mentioned before, the two designers have very different styles, While BDN stands out with pieces that gorgeously quirky with a smitch classical, MaysMode leans towards the punk phase where anything goes! Heck one of her classic pieces is made of curtains! It is an amazing feast for the eyes seeing these two clashing style in one shop and managing to complement each other, in this shop, I can comfortably say there is something for everyone!


Some of the items displayed in the shop  

The designers also invited bloggers to attend the launch party, and yes, they were just as gorgeous in person!

Knowing I was going to meet big names in the modest blogging community in the UK, I was super excited! I am not the start struck type and don't turn into an obsessive groupie, but when I met the gorgeous Nabiilabee , I was overjoyed to see how grounded and amazingly lovey she was, I just might have drooled a bit!  She was very approachable and extremely easy to chat with. There was also the impossibly adorable LubnaTasneem, other than the fact that I love meeting people shorter than me, She was just so عسل (cute in sudanese)!


I also had the chance meet and chat with the ever so camera shy FashionistaEmi, I didn't recognise her initially but how can you not recognise her impeccable sense of style! Needless to say, she was beautiful in every way.  The final blogger I met was the stunningly beautiful Habiba Da Silva, I didn't get the chance to chat with her that day but she had a very pleasant demeanour when I introduced myself to her and asked her if I could take pictures of her, and can I add, the girl did not have a single bad angle!  ما شاء الله ! 

Rocking a MaysMode Abaya

Rocking a MaysMode Abaya

There was also a styling competition in the event where competitors had to pick an outfit and style it! You can watch what happened on my youtube channel.

 The pop up shop won't be there for long! It will only be open for two weeks and will e closing it's doors on 22/6/2016 so hurry to 10 Morgan Arcade in Cardiff city centre!

But don't worry, if you don't get to the pop-up shop, you can always visit their online stores!

Happy Shopping!

x سحر

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Horraaaay It's EIIIIIIIID!

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