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Horraaaay It's EIIIIIIIID!

Horraaaay It's EIIIIIIIID!

A Time to to Wing it and Buy Random Clothes,  Dress up,  Somehow Pull it Off, Then call it Fashion

Ooooh! well la di dah :)

Ooooh! well la di dah :)

Ahhhh Eid! Certainly my favourite time of the year! Especially Eid Al-Fitir, after a full Month of fasting, we get to pig out like there is no tomorrow! What I love most about Eid is the Eid prayer on the first day of Eid, we wake up early, get dressed in our new outfits for prayer (Abaya in my case), my family is suddenly extra nice to each other (not that we dislike each other, we're just one of those emotionally undeveloped families, we don't understand how to display love haha) and then we go to the mosque where we meet other muslim families to socialise, and of course, eat more Eid goodies (mmmmmmm Eid sweets...) But the best part is when we do the takbeer and tasbeeh in unison (praising Allah), it is just so magnificent! People suddenly forget their differences and unite through their faith and love for Allah. We forget  skin colour, origin, and disputes, and we just stand together and feel like we share a bond stronger than blood, brothers and sisters in Islam. I really wish I recorded it so I could share it on the blog, maybe I'll do it next Eid!

When we come back from the prayer and we've had our tea, we get in to the mood of getting dressed for Eid to receive guests! Our house is clean and bakhour fills the air (Arab/Sudanese incense), out traditional sweet and biscuits are ready, and now all we've got to do is look FABULOUS!

I cooked up three outfits I though night suit different occasion on Eid, or anytime of the year really. It just feels more special when it's Eid.

Eid Day Casual

For This look I wanted to put together something comfortble but also trendy, so I wore these gorgeous satin trousers I bought from a shop called Traffic People on Brick Lane and paired it up with a simple off-white blouse- you can never go wring with an off- white blouse. Add some heels (mine are from New Look) and Vioala! You.are.rocking it! 

Scarf: Accessorise, Blouse: Wallis, Pants: Traffic people, Heels: New Look

White on White on African :)

It's a look you can wear during the day and for a night out, just add glittery eyeshadow and a bold lip colour, or even add a statement piece that extra glam. I opted for the casual day look with a Turkish wrapping style for my Hijab, but if I were to transition into a night look, I would wrap my scarf into a turban and wear big statement necklace and walk like I own the place! it's all about attitude honey and I know we all have some of that!

The belt I'm wearing isn't actually a belt. My friend Zahra from The Luxe Edition was being very creative when she went out to a fabric shop and decided to buy a long rope with tassels to wear as a belt! The result, Fashiotastic!

I call them ZaBelt! ..as in "Zahra's Belt"?.. No..? 

The devil is in the details..

Going Out

For this one, I went vintage! and I mean "I can almost swear this belonged to my mother in the past" sort of vintage! Recently I'v been blissfully suffering from vintage fever and so I can see my wardrobe slowly time travelling to the past, could it be that vintage was always my true destiny? 

Awkward pose aaaaaaaand GO!

Just when I though I couldn't love Urban Outfitters anymore, they go ahead and add a vintage section- I was ready to quit my life and just live in UO! They have a vintage section to die for! they may not be hard-core retro but the collection they have is a good intro into the world of vintage/retro fashion

Yes, now would be a good time to drool, they needed a mop at the shop :)

Parachute pants, it doesn't get any more retro than this! I found this gem in a retro shop off Brick Lane called BLITZ

Oh and my glasses? yes those are vintage too. If you are ever in Spitalfields Market or Greenwich Market, make sure to visit Aunty Aviator. I already bought two pairs from her and currently planning my next trip!

The Evening Gown 

The little black dress, a classic. Why do anything else?

It's a lace dress, it's black, add pearls and fur. Old timey glam, check!

This beautiful dress is from Urban Outfitters designer section (yes they have a designer section! I know, right?!). It came with a little tiny black dress to wear under it, and before you shout "ISTAGFAR ALLAH!", I donated it to a 8 year old to wear as a maxi dress, so I had to purchase a separate adult size maxi dress to wear under it :) My gorgeous pearl set was from non other than Monsoon

In case you're wondering what sort of hat I'm wearing, It's actually a scarf I was trying to tie into a turban with a different shape, I made a mistake while doing it but ended up with a happy coincidence.

I was going to film a video tutorial and post it on you tube but they won't let me create a channel because I changed the name on it a million times lol! But once I have a channel, I'll be updating this section.

Meanwhile, watch the Eid Look Book on my Facebook page.

I call it: "The Geometrical Turban!!"...No..?

Well These are my 3 very different looks for Eid, I hope you enjoyed them! What have you done for Eid? leave me a comment or send me a picture and I might feature you


Pictures taken by my lovely friend Zahra from The Luxe Edition, Show her some love!


Ta xx

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Fashion Photoshoot : Urban Arabian

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