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London Fashion Week  September 2017

London Fashion Week September 2017

Oh My Favorite Time of The Year

London Fashion Week, LONDON FASHION WEEK! I love London Fashion Week! I Love fashion month in general! I mean What's not to love! The clothes, the catwalks, the celebrities, and of course the exclusiveness of it all! I'm not a London Fashion Week accredited blogger (yet) so I was not invited to the main shows during the the week, but I'm fortunate enough to have a friend that was accredited! The Style Tune (aka chichi) saved my life :) So I managed to sneak into a few shows! 

Fashion Presentation: Gabriel Vielma and Xiao Li

two very talented designers! I was fortunate enough to attend their presentation and I absolutely loved it.

Gabriel's show was around a beauty parlor set titled "Beauty is My Business", the models were walking in and out of a beauty parlor and chatting, very fun to watch!He chose bright pastels and lots of shine! exactly my style!  I especially loved a piece that had a woman's face beaded at the back. I met the designer in Designer Showcase (very lovely man) and he proceeded to tell me the piece was with £800 (faints) to be hinest, if I had the money, I would have bought it 

Xiao Li presented her beautifully simple yet elegant collection in minimalist botanical setting. she chose blues, whites and a hint of color! loved the collection!

Catwalk: Paul Costelloe

AHHH Paul Costelloe! I adore him! classy yet cool geometric rounded pieces! I know what I said makes no sense but have a look at his collection

(pictures taken from London Fashion Week website)

I'll posting pictures of what I wore soon so stay tuned!


Sahar x



Designer Showcase LFW and Sparks Pop-up Shop!

Designer Showcase LFW and Sparks Pop-up Shop!

LUSH! When I Went to the Creative Showcase

LUSH! When I Went to the Creative Showcase