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LUSH! When I Went to the Creative Showcase

LUSH! When I Went to the Creative Showcase

And No I wasn't Stalking Ascia_akf and Dalalid!

Lush! how can you not love them!! Bath bombs that explode to form a magnificent swirl of colorful bliss, and to top it all off, the soothing scent! One bath bomb and I was converted! whenever I commit to a lush bath, I commit to surrendering to the magnificence of the world of Lush! And this year, they  went ahead and make a haven of scented bath delights and named it "Lush Creative Showcase 2016"

I heard about this showcase when I was snapchat stalking the lady boss bloggers from Kuwait Ascia_akf and Dalalid, two major players in the modest fashion scene! So on a whim, I decided to go check it out so I can bask in the marvelous world of Lush ! (I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping to see Ascia and Dalal ) So I booked my ticket on the morning of the 14th of september on a train back to london, got dressed and painted my face on the train (I've done it so many times I'm an expert), and off I went to Lush!

As soon as I walked in, my senses were overwhelmed with pure joy! I felt Like I was in heaven, a heaven where all my bath salt dreams come true! colors, perfumes, music, and even bath tubs where you can see the magic happening! Not to forget the spa experience where you can hear your heart beat and watch it slow down to a relaxed pace while receiving a very welcomed shoulder, and head & neck massage! All was well with the world in those few moments of blissfulness!

There were many different rooms that had mini exhibitions in them, some of them were sort of like a virtual reality experience and others were chill zones. there was also a huge area with four bath tubs, each with piles and piles of bath bombs! I was tempted to steal one and just run! but I love Lush too much to do such a thing, I also need to stay in their good books, so I settled for staring at them with creeper obsessive eyes. My favorite part was the candy floss scrub! Thats right! candy floss that is actually a shower gel (or shower...floss?) but also a scrub (because of the sugar granules)! I almost ate it, the lady had to stop me more times than I'd like to admit...

There was also a tribute to Lush's CEO's Grandmother, the woman who inspired him. He started with her homemade recipes. So sweet 

The food was vegan, and as a very (and I mean VERY) carnivorous person, I couldn't complain! the falafel burger I had was superb! I must thank them for giving my heart a break for a day! 

It's a shame it was only two days, but I reckon of it was more, all of London would have sunk into a sea of blissful relaxation and never come out of this most beautiful coma!

Sahar x

OH! I never got to meet Ascia_akf or Dalalid, despite my stalking skills. Maybe next time XD

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