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London Fashion Weekend

London Fashion Weekend

Channeling My Inner Anna Wintour aaaand GO!

London fashion weekend was first established to give the public a chance to experience London Fashion Week. You can actually buy tickets that come in different packages and enjoy a day of fashion! Catwalks include trends and designer shows which is a great way to stay updated with what's fashion relevant and chance to experience the front row! London Fashion Weekend also holds talks with designers and other professions from the industry, one of the talks was with Sophia Webster this year(❤️) that I had unfortunately missed! *cries uncontrollably*

Today was the last day of london fashion weekend so I decided to write about my experience.

London fashion Weekend was held in Saatchi Gallery (❤️❤️❤️). There was one runway and over the three levels of the venue, there were designer showcases. Ground floor was clothes clothes and more clothes! I fought the desire not to buy everything! I already maxed out my credit card once! Second floor was accessories (jewellery, hats, scarves..etc) and a shoe room *butterflies in stomach* I mediated so hard and remembered my training in "One Does Not Need Every Shoe One Sees" temple, my master would be proud! The second floor was where the talks were held and luxe lounge was situated there as well. There was also a discount designer pop up shop, I bought a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos for £150!! could you believe it! I also purchased Christian Dior sunglasses for the same price! yes I spent £300 on things I want rather than need, but considering it was a designer pop up shop, I think I did well controlling myself not to buy everything in it! 

I booked tickets for two of the four days,I bought a luxe pass for day 1 and a silver tickets for day 2. The luxe pass included access to the luxe lounge and a front row seat for a trend show. The silver gave you the option to either attend a designer or a trend show, you also had the option to upgrade to front row (which I did).

Now, did I need the luxe pass? Probably not. I mean, I just wanted to see the luxe lounge and feel like a friggin VIP Anna Wintour style! I felt a mild satisfaction when I just glided through the doors when others were declined that privilege. It felt great! But then I just sat there, was offered champagne that I can't have because I don't drink (devout Muslim girl! Woop wooooooop) chatted with my friend and attempted to network, then I got bored and made my way to the showrooms.  I didn't need the luxe pass, especially that it didn't give me access to the talks, you had to buy luxe premium for that. And to be honest, I assumed luxe pass meant two shows but it was only one, and not even a designer show. If I had bought the gold ticket, I would get two catwalks that I could upgrade to front row, purchased tickets for the talks, and it would have turned out the same cost as the luxe pass. So that's my advice for anyone wanting to get the most out of London Fashion Weekend. 

The silver ticket was just as good really and it's great if you only want to watch one catwalk. Obviously, we got designer tote bags with goodies! They were made by Sophia Webster!I graciously accepted mine and rocked my first ever Sophie Webster item (level unlocked!)

As for the shows, I must say, being front row makes all the difference! I had to fight the temptation to stick my foot out and trip one of the models! It was a great experience and it just motivated me to work my ass off to make sure I'll be invited to London Fashion Week for the real deal! not to say this wasn't as good , but it's always good to aim higher :)

On day 1, I got  front row seat to a trend catwalk. The trend catwalk showcases the latest trends, I attended a trend show on my luxe pass for Avenue 32 , a website that contains several designers with a variety of clothes to cater to a large audience! The three trending styles were velvet, florals, and lace! just a few of my favourite things!

Florals dress by Arthur Arbesse

Lace dress by Peter Pilotto

Lace dress by Johnathan Smkhai

Velvet dress by Preen

Velvet dress by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini 

On day 2, I got a front row seat to a designer catwalk, the designer was Edeline Lee, a canadian born London based designer. SS2016 was actually her debut season on the official LFW schedule of the british fashion council. Her collection is simple, quirky, fun, and elegant. Cream was the overwhelming color with a lovely splash of red! I absolutely loved her collection! Everything is handmade in London, which means extra brownie points! 

 I didn't manage to attend day 3 because I was in Birmingham attending the Tale of Two Taylors events, and I couldn't get to day 4 because I just needed to sleep! I also had a date with my hot french tutor (hehe) I say date but it was a mentoring session... when will this single lady find love ? XD

Anyhoo, London Fashion Weekend was a good experience overall, so if you want to feel like a fashionista then definitely go, but like I said above, no need for the expensive tickets! get the cheaper ones and upgrade :)

A Tale of Two Tailors: A Charity Fashion Show

A Tale of Two Tailors: A Charity Fashion Show

Designer Showcase LFW and Sparks Pop-up Shop!

Designer Showcase LFW and Sparks Pop-up Shop!