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Event: Aatiya London X Bubble Gum Hijab Launch Party

Event: Aatiya London X Bubble Gum Hijab Launch Party

Collaboration level over 9000!!!

So if you were an anime nerd like myself, the reference made in the subheading would make sense, and frankly I always find it hilarious! 

Anyway! back to the important stuff!

I was recently invited to a launch party to commemorate the collaboration between Attiya London and Bubblegum Hijab. I say Invited but actually my friend Bella (Founder of Louloutes Community and part of Modest Fashion London) got me in! you see I’m not important enough to be invited to events, that’s why I'm lucky to have amazing friends with access to life! Love you Bella! 

Bella and Bubblegum Hijab <3

The Collection was inspired by women of South East Asia, bringing together culture and religion while still appealing to the modern modest fashionista. The colours were that of autumn and some sneaky pastels made their way to collection. My favourite was a gorgeous open abaya in pastel peach, the fact that Romy Ahmed (British Muslim TV presenter) was wearing one had no influence on my decision! ( she says to herself trying to assert her individuality). Bubblegum Hijab's collaboration collection consisted of beautifully structured two piece sets in an array of colors that are sure to compliment any figure. The top and skirt can be worn together or separately. And Bubblegum Hijab herself was an absolute pleasure to meet! So lovely! Confession: after stalking Bubblegum Hijab on instagram, I had this weird impression that she was stuck up. you see like my sister, she suffers from "Resting B**** Face Syndrome", but it is true what they say about judging a book by it's cover (LOVE YOU BUBBS)!

Click here to check out the collection! 

Modest FAshion London , the event organisers, is a PR firm based in London. It was founded by a group of muslim women entrepreneurs.  They bring together brands and bloggers who are passionate about the modest fashion industry. These ladies have certainly did a good job on the day, from venue choice to the fashion presentation, it was obvious they knew where to find the devil! Speaking of the venue, Aubaine (in Marylebone) was wonderful to say the least! The atmosphere was welcoming and the canapes were soooo delicious! I seriously had to take a minute after each bite just to fully appreciate and enjoy the flavours! Being served by two gorgeous waiters was a definite plus (cheeky!) 

The event was attended by a few bloggers and influencers; Hijabi in London, Pasiondeviajar(love her and amazing makeup artist!), SugarCoatedMUA (I was star struck!),  The Luxe Edition, Aishaa_mo, and many more.

The lovely Aishaa_mo

My favourite new person was the lovely talented Amira of the Haus of Ma ! Photographer, designer, and overall awesome lady! Seriously watch out for her! 

With Amira (may favourite new person I met)

Overall the event was a success! Loved every minute!

Sahar X















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