Helloz and welcome to my new blog! I am a London based Sudanese modest fashion blogger, turbanista, and a photographer in the making! I document my personal style, the latest trends in the industry, places I've been, people I've met, and of course random thoughts. Hope you have a nice stay!

Pink, Paris, Perfect

Pink, Paris, Perfect

Pastel Love

I have recently visited Paris with my sister and friend. While they were being smart and attending a medical conference, I was having a love affair with the city of love.

Eiffel Tower

As we were approaching the end of spring and welcoming summer, I was expecting a different kind of atmosphere, instead I was greeted with the last wisps of spring, its fragrance still in the air, it's colors draped all over the city, it was truly a wondrous time to be there. the streets were overwhelmed by the colours of spring: green, yellow, blue, and purple. But, amidst these usually dominant colours, the colour that asserted its dominance the most was one that can be found gently hiding in the background, pastel pink. I was captivated, infatuated, and inspired to say the least.

In my short stay, I got in touch with a lovely couple that work together as photographers, Anastasia and Federico. I found them on instagram and started obsessing over the beautiful photographs they posted on their account and I just had to meet them! lucky for me, they apparently liked me when they read my message and went through my account. According to Federico (the husband), Anastasia (the wife)  simply declared: "I like her." snd it was decided They would set up a photoshoot with me! It must have been my baby face, it gets them all the time. 

Unfortunately Anastasia could't join us due to other commitments, so I only got to meet Federico. He was an absolute delight and a true gentleman! I had to envy Anastasia for bagging such a lovely man! haha! While Federico was professional, he was very easy to be around, I found myself at complete ease and actually trusting someone else other than my sister behind the camera- or was it his gorgeous smile ?- cheeky :)

You can find Anstasia and Federico on unstagram under the handle @iheartparis, or you can check their website

Bag: Gap, Scart: New Look, pearl Earrings: Clair's, sandels: Next

Pink Paster Trench: SimpyBe, White top with lace deatiail: New Look, Ripped jeans: SimplyBe

Notre Dame 

The sun was so pleasant but slightly deceiving, I found myself in need on a trench coat, and in tribute to the beauty the streets of paris were displaying, I opted for a this gorgeous pink pastel coat. I found this show stopper item in Simply Be and could't be more pleased with it.

In my state of euphoria, I found myself lost walking down the cobblestone streets of Paris, wandering, exploring, and finding joy in the smallest of details, cracks on the walls fascinated me, was it the air? or was I just drunk on the fragrance of spring in Paris..

For my second outfit in pink, I got a bit creative. The skirt is from Urban Outfitters, one of my favourite shops, but actually I'm wearing two skirts. I have a love affair with floral skirts and when I saw this one in UO I had to have it, problem was, they were too short, above the knee kind of short. For a modest fashionista, that's an obvious nono! so I waited for the sale, bought two skirts! And for the first time in the history of mathematics, one plus one miraculously equaled one! My high school math teacher will not be impressed, seeing this from her former start student (brag alert) will certainly distress her!

White top: SimplyBe, Skirt(s): Urban Outfitters, Necklace: H&M, sandels: BHS

I absolutely cannot wait for my next visit, I am sure I will continue to be infatuated. I never thought I could love a city as much as I love London, Paris, you are my mistress.



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